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How to Troubleshoot the Keurig Elite Vent

(Published November 30, 2010) (204 words)

The Keurig Elite Coffee Brewer produces different flavors of coffee one cup at a time. Users appreciate the brewer's sleek design, easy operation and lack of mess. As with every machine, problems occasionally arise. Owners of the Keurig have noticed issues with its vent that can impact brewing. Fortunately, detecting and solving the problem is a fairly simple process.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:

* Keurig Elite coffee brewer
* Instruction manual for Keurig Elite
* Computer with Internet connection

Finding The Problem
1.Many Keurig owners complain that the vent leaks water into the reservoir. This is actually a built-in feature of the vent and it's perfectly normal. Add less water to the machine or place it on an absorbent surface such as a towel.

2. Some users have found that the machine will stop brewing altogether unless the vent is plugged shut. In this case, the trouble could be a loose vent, which prevents the reservoir from creating a vacuum . Removing and then firmly replacing the water reservoir occasionally will solve the problem.

3.If removing and replacing the reservoir does not work, the trouble could be a damaged vent. Users can contact Keurig through its website to purchase a new vent.

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